Lecture “Affective Computing” (WS19/20)

Affective Computing is an interdisciplinary research area that uses models of affect to recognize emotional expressions, simulate affect, and create emotional behavior.

This course gives an overview of theories of human emotion and how emotions, social values, cognitive processes, and bodily expressions are connected. Also, hardware and computational techniques for modeling human emotion processes as well as for recognizing and synthesizing emotional behavior are presented and discussed.  Further, we will discuss how to extend traditional HCI systems to create Social HCI systems. Master students will gain a strong background in the theory and practice of human-centered computing as it relates to games, immersive environments, and pedagogical applications.


Instructor: Patrick Gebhard (patrick.gebhard@dfki.de)


Lecture dates: Kick-Off October 17, each Thursday

Time: 10 am -12 am

Location: HS 003, E1 3


Tutorial dates: 4.11 – 7.2., t.b.a.  

Time: t.b.a.

Location: t.b.a.


Grades: Exam + exercise

Previous lectures: SS 18


Current Objectives for Participants

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Course Outline

October 17Introduction and Overview

  • What is Affect?
  • History and Current State
  • Typical Areas
  • Examples
  • Course Organisation