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Job Offers

Student Assistants (HiWis)

Want to be part of cutting-edge research in Social Human-Computer Interaction? 

The Affective Computing Group (ACG) at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) is looking for research assistants with background in computer science, empirical research, or both!  

We are an interdisciplinary team featuring computer science, psychology, and the learning sciences.

Our mission: Enable human-computer interactions that consider human social needs.

Our focus: 









We are looking forward to applicants that are: 

  • enthusiastic about innovative projects; 
  • show a proactive attitude in finding technical solutions to theoretical proposals; 
  • and, as an extra, consider pursuing an academic path (Ph.D.). 

Computer science students will have a technical focus and should fulfil two or more of
the following:

  • Communicate on both technical and non-technical level;
  • Development and maintenance of big object-oriented software architectures (Java) 
  • Scripting for (video) data processing (Python, OpenCV, OpenPose/Face, MediaPipe, …) 
  • Machine learning models for image/video/signal processing (Pytorch, Tensorflow, 
    Keras, …)
  • Web front-end (Javascript, any kind of browser-side framework) 
  • Web back-end (Node, Django, and the like …) 
  • 3D modelling and procedural editing, character creation (Blender + Python) 
  • Real-time 3D animation (Unity, AR/VR frameworks) 
  • Statistical analysis and plotting of user study data (R, scipy, …) 
  • Internetworking and management of hardware/virtual machines 

Empirical social science students will have a focus on theories of affect, social interaction,
and learning. They should have experience and show interest in 
two or more of the following: 

  • Concepts and modelling of 
    • emotions, mood, personality / identity 
    • social behavior, such as mimicry 
    • social interaction and social models of learning
    • Medical and psychotherapy processes, and anamneses 
  • Supporting empirical studies (literature research, finding instruments, conducting experiments) 
  • Statistical analysis and plotting of data (SPSS, R, scipy) 
  • Affiliation to / interest in technology 

If you feel like our team matches your interests and skills, contact us: