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Theories and Models

In our research, we rely on various models. On this site, you can find an overview about the theories and models we base our research on, but also about the ones we developed and we use for further research or the development of intelligent and empathic agents. 

 Some of the most important Psychological theories and models we base our work on are:  

During the last 10 years, we have developed several computational models and tools ourselves:

  • ALMA, a cognitive computational model of affect that simulates the interferences of personality, mood and emotions in real-time. ALMA relies on appraisal input.
  • ALMA Bio, an extension that allows processing bio-signal sensor values.
  • MARSSI , a computational model of affect that extends ALMA by emotion regulation rules and by the integration of the processing of social signal sequences, realised with the OpenSSI framework.
  • Visual SceneMaker, a tool for authoring complex interaction and behaviour of Virtual Characters.  

We believe, that our work does not only provide the basis for the modeling of complex emotional and empathic processes, furthermore we hope, that we can contribute to the understanding of emotional processes in general.