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Associates and Cooperations

In the various project we cooperate with different partners in the areas of university, economy and research.

Saarland University – I/O Psychology
Selection of Personnel, Training Research, Design and Statistical Evaluation of Studies, Psychology of the Human-Machine-Interaction

Universität Augsburg – HCM Lab
Real-Time Signal Processing, Data-Fusion, Multimodal Human-Computer-Interaction, Behavior Recognition, Huma-Robot-Intercation, Virtual Agents, User Intertfaces, AI-Methods

Charamel GmbH
3D Avatar Real-Time-Technology, Interface Generation, Visualising of  credible Virtual 3D Avatars, Integration in 3D Learning-Environment, Sensor dependent Control, Speech Modules

Virtual 3D-Worlds, User Interface, Real-Time Interaction in virtual 3D-Worlds, User Experience

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) GmbH
Intelligent User Interfaces, AI-Methods, Emotion Modeling, Multimodal Human-Technique-Interaction, Emo-Social User Modeling, Interaction Management