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The software we use is based on our research and has been validated by user studies. All of our software is freely available for download.

A layered model of affect taking short (Emotions), middle (Moods) and long term (Personality) factors  into account and providing the possibility to do real-time simulation of affect in interactions.

YALLAH (Yet Another Low Level Agent Handler)
The goal of YALLAH is to allow 3D content creators to generate, customize, animate, dress, and deploy a virtual human in a Game Engine in a few hours of work.

RecSyncNG is a video recording app with sub-millisecond synchronization accuracy for multiple Android devices, useful for creating affordable and easy-to-setup multi-view camera systems for robotics, SLAM, 3D-reconstruction, panorama stitching.

Visual SceneMaker
A tool allowing non-programming experts to model verbal and non-verbal behavior of Virtual Characters and robots.