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Open Theses

We are currently offering student theses in a broad field of research. The interdisciplinary nature of our research implicates manifold topics in the interface of computer science, technology enhanced learning, and psychology.

Implicit Affective Processes and Emotion regulation (Master)

One research focus of the ACG is emotion regulation processes and their interrelations with emotions such as shame (an emotion that is almost always regulated), other psychological variables (such as self-awareness, mentalizing ability), but also on expressive/empathic behavior in interaction situations. One aspect we will look at in detail in this paper is the influence of individual differences and implicit affective processes on emotion regulation strategies, namely how preceding affective states or activations influence the strategy to regulate a stressful situation. For this purpose, we want to use virtual avatars in a virtual reality environment. Thus, in a social conflict situation, the activation of certain affective cues could determine whether a person decides to address the emotively tense conflict situation by being assertive, compromising, or avoiding. We are looking for an undergraduate student in psychology (or similar majors) to write his or her master’s thesis on this topic.

The study will be part of the MITHOS project of the Affective Computing Group.


Examination of implicit affective processes and their effect on psychological variables in a classroom conflict scenario.



This thesis will be supervised by Patrick and Dimitra. Please send an email to them containing all of the following information:

  • When you plan to start and finish the thesis
  • A short motivational statement why this topic is interesting for you
  • A summary why you be a good fit for this topic
  • Your transcript of records