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Past News

News 2019

September 3-6: Presenting study results on the elicitation of shame and on human obedience at the International Conference on Affective Computing & Intelligent Interaction (ACII). If you are interested in social emotions and social agents, consider attending the workshop on social emotions – theories and models.

August: Find out about the latest blog post on InMind written by Tanja Schneeberger and Janet Wessler about virtual therapists. 

July 2-5: Presenting study results how the wall color and how the interrupt handling time can impact the social perception of IVAs, as well as a concept of a burn-out out-patient reintegration agent (cf. project EmmA) at the ACM International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA).

March 16-20: Check out our Parley demo at the ACM International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI).

April 11: We are welcoming Paul Mc Kevitt as a guest in our group for a two day research discussion with Jürgen Trouvain about digital empathy.

February 18: We proudly introduce the Affective Computing Think Along Box with the great topic “Are emotions hardwired?” created by the group member Lydia Rupp. Enjoy reading!

Winter: Check the projects of our latest interdisciplinary (Psychology, Computer Science) seminar “How to build a Social Computer”.

Fall 2018: DEEP workshop at the chair of Prof. Elisabeth André in Augsburg with experts in Psychology, Prof. Dr. Eva Bänninger-Huber and Prof. Dr. Svenja Taubner.

Fall 2018: EmmA project kick-off at Charamel in Köln.